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Mavericks Athletics

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Mavericks Athletics

Eastern Tech

Mavericks Athletics

Eastern Tech

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3 years ago @ 5:08PM

Senior Athlete Banquest - Registration Form



3rd  Annual Senior Athletic Banquet


Our Senior Athletes’ Achievements over the past four years


The presentation of awards

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Doors Open at 6pm, dinner is Served at 6:30pm

At the UAW Hall in Canton

1010 Oldham St

Tickets are $15 each.

Tickets will be on sale at lunch

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Senior Athlete Celebration Registration Form


Athletes Name: __________________________________________________________________________


Sports Played: Fall ________________   Winter_____________________  Spring_________________

Number of Tickets: ______________________ x $15 each= ______________________________


List of Senior Athlete Awards to be presented;

  • Marine Corp Distinguished Athlete Award –awarded to a player who “played over their head” or are the athletes with a “never-say-die” attitude. Those athletes who epitomize the adage, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going,”
  • United States Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete Award - outstanding achievement in both academics and athletics
  • The Impact Award - senior whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity, this player elevates the intensity and focus of a game beyond what statistics can measure.
  • Senior CLASS Award – Community, Classroom, Character, and Competition
  • The Joe Gast Award Team Sprit, Leadership, Promotions of team unity and moral.  Someone who enhances that athletic experience
  • The Orange & Black Award Manager Award for outstanding service
  • Eastern Elite Award  - 4yr Varsity Athletes
  • Maverick Pride AwardAthletes who have played  10 or more season


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